Independent Music Podcast

Saturday 19th November - 3.00pm (podcast live) Cafe sa Taibhdhearc
Saturday 19th November - doors 10.00pm - DJ set following Sarathy Korwar Band in The Loft upstairs @ Seven

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As much as music is about musicians, it is about listeners and listeners who in turn introduce other listeners to unheralded new and old music from the remotest of record labels and web sites around the world are an invaluable support to our music eco-system. Step forward these two gentlemen. Anthony Chalmers and Gareth Main are first and foremost informative and convivial music fans.

Their broadcasting platform, the descriptively spot on ‘Independent Music Podcast’ is a listener-supported labour of love that broadcasts weekly, ten, generally fresh, superb picks from a host of genres and is a beacon for how widely diverse and cross cultural melodies and rhythms are in this old world of ours. Their enthusiasm and support of music echoes that of another great UK broadcaster the late John Peel and there can be no higher praise than that.

Gareth and Anthony will join the fray in Galway by both entertaining us with a special live podcast which may or indeed may not be inspired by the surrounding programme of sounds at SFOAR and later too will entertain us with a late night DJ set. They may also be involved in a panel discussion or two in our talks section if we are lucky.

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